• Eric Tyler, MD

There's No Place Like Home

From the beginning, we were all made to seek out others to walk

with through life. The basic need of touch that goes way beyond skin is

built into us. We all want a place like “Cheers”. “Where everybody

knows your name.” When we observe someone have that in real life, a

sense of jealousy starts in our hearts and then goes on to our brains. So

much of our lives, we hear the message that we do not belong because

of where we live, the money we have, the family we have, the clubs we

belong to, the beliefs we have, the team colors we wear. It is much

easier to declare some set of thoughts as your kingdom and protect it

to the death from outsiders that are not welcomed. How hard it is to

have an accepting, helping heart that always accepts, always

encourages, always celebrates good things with you and is sad when

there are difficulties. No matter how hard, painful, scary or sad things

get, what an assuring thing to have others there with their hands ready

to help any way they can.

For most of the readers of this essay, you are blessed to have this

in some place in your life. For most, it is a common dwelling place with

a few very special people. This is usually a house made a home by the

loving spirit of parents that embody this to their children. If home is

done well in one place in life, it is sought and found in other places like

church, school or clubs. Once you know what it looks like, it is easy to

find or create it other places.

There are many children in any small community of the country

that are not so blessed. They might be given a bed and shelter where

they have food, but no nurture. Feeding a baby and loving a baby are

both required to help a child grow to fill out the shadow of potential

that God has provided for them. Many children have food, but no love.

The scars of that in early life are hard to heal and even harder to walk


For those that have a wonderful and loving home, you do

all you can to care for it and protect it. For those who don’t,

their dreams are haunted by, “What's wrong with me that I'm

not welcomed in any home?”

The concept of home is easy to relate to a place where all

your health problems are known and accepted by caring

companions on the path you walk. There may be places you can

visit, but at the end of the day, there is no place like a MEDICAL


We are proud to announce that Pediatric Associates of

Alexander City has just received a prestigious recognition from

a National Organization certifying Quality. For the third time in

nine years, PAAC is proud to be your Patient Centered Medical

Home. We know you have choices as to where you will obtain

medical care for your family. We are proud you have chosen us.

Our hands are offered to you to help in any way we can as

we walk through life together.

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