• Eric Tyler, MD

Tyler's Top Ten Reasons to Limit Video Games

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

10. Gaming is a time thief. According to a survey administered in our community, fifth and sixth grade students spend on average 38.7 hours a week engaged in hand held digital electronics. That is a FULL TIME JOB.

9. Gaming blurs reality. I asked a 12 year old what he had done all summer. “Fishing” was his response. He did not live near a body of water, he was a Master Angler because he had a video game on his phone. He had never thrown a baited hook in water.

8. Gaming costs money. Fortnight might be a free game but the designer has some way to make money on the process. Money is tight enough for everybody.

7. Gaming costs sleep. There are some children that do not have the ability to turn it off and go the sleep. Two high school students in our community routinely play Fortnight for 24 hours straight; sleep 12 hours and repeat.

6. Gaming causes ADHD. In a recent article, researchers shared that students that played video games for prolonged time periods have a shorter attention span and have lower school performance.

5. Gaming contributes to weight gain. Few children go outside to play. What makes being stationary using electronics even more complete? Mindless eating of unlimited high calorie foods.

4. Gaming is ADDICTIVE. There is a growing body of evidence that game designers are strategically designing the games to make them addictive. Video games stimulate the same part of the brain that Amphetamine does.

3. Gaming damages the family. Go anywhere in public. Families are shopping, driving or eating not as a unit. They all have their faces in the digital rectangle instead of having dialogue about the shared experiences.

2. Games versus Dames? Boys have more of a problem with gaming. Girls at present are finding it hard to compete with a video game. There are fewer single dating events happening in high school than at any other point in my career. At present, the boys are choosing Games.

1. Manhood or Gamehood? How is expertise at video gaming helping boys become men??????

Hit the “Off” button and do something unique. Have a conversation, tell jokes, take a hike, write a play, ask a real life girl on a date, sit on a front porch watching the sunset and listen to the stories of life from the older members of your family. Those things cost nothing and are ever so much more satisfying.

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