Tallapoosa County Resources

Arise Public Transportation

ARISE is the Section 5311 Transportation Provider for Tallapoosa County in Alabama.  ARISE is open to the public, all ages. 

ARISE is demand response transportation with 24 hour call in advance to reserve your space on the vehicle.  ARISE picks up at pick up point requested (point of origin) and transports to requested destination.  

Click here to access ARISE website for more information.


Kid One Transportation


Kid One is a 501(C)(3) non profit organization that transports children and expectant mothers to necessary health care services.  This service is available to transport patients from Tallapoosa County and other rural areas to Children's Hospital for qualified applicants.

An application for services can be found on their website.

Click here to access Kid One website for more information.

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Tallapoosa Christian Crisis Center

The Tallapoosa Christian Crisis Center is a 501(C)(3) non profit organization that has been in operation for over 20 years. Their Mission is to feed the hungry, clothe the needy and give financial assistance to those in times of crisis." Through stewardship from local churches, donations from civic groups, and gifts from individuals , they have operated to meet the needs of many in the community during times of crisis, disaster, house fires, and times of need.  They believe in sharing donated items and give to other agencies and groups. They give away heaters, fans, blankets and items during extreme weather changes. They share donated medical equipment with nursing homes, and extra food and fresh produce with senior citizens. They want to help clients learn and grow both spiritually and personally so they provide healthy foods, free books in their book "drop/swap" program on all topics.  They offer Bible study once a month and include a message of hope in their food bags that go out for their families as well as for the children through their Bill Myers Backpack Program. 

Click here to access Tallapoosa Christian Crisis Center website for more information.

Salvation Army

Services Offered:

  • Emergency Financial Assistance

  • Food & Nutrition Programs

  • Seasonal Services

  • Store

Click here to access Salvation Army website for more information.